Top 5 Wednesday: Self Published Authors!


Oh boy! I love self published authors! I haven’t been reading as much indie stuff as I’d like to lately but hopefully this year I’ll be getting back into this. Often times self published stuff can be as polished and as amazing as a traditional writers, even more so. This is a great time to talk about my favorites out there.

Top 5 is, of course, created by Lainey at GingerReadsLainey. And as usual these are not in any specific order.

Wool5) Hugh Howey
Though I may not agree with some of Mr. Howey’s views (reportedly he was aligned with the Puppies and the whole Hugo fiasco) I really do enjoy his books. They’re fast, deep, and keep me going. His bestseller Wool was a lengthy almost episodic series before being compiled into three omnibuses and traditionally published. He continues to self publish most of his work, last I saw, and I really recommend checking his stuff out.


4) M. Todd Gallowglas Deadweight
Mr. Gallowglas has quite a few books out, the most recent one I read was the first in his Dead Weight series. I enjoyed the twisted view he presented of what can some view as traditional lore and his references to a lot of modern and pop culture. He also runs a pretty interesting blog, and gives out free stories to his readers! Always worth supporting that sort of author!

Bloodrush3) Ben Galley
I’ve only read one of Ben’s, Bloodrush (and not finished it at that – I’m still working through it), but I love his writing. Within the first few chapters of his book I knew I was hooked. His world is unique, he’s polished, and his character is real. I’ve seen him popping up more and more online and hope he can continue to get the attention he clearly deserves.


2) Rosemary KirsteinTheSteerswoman
     Mrs. Kirstein’s books, The Steerswoman Series, are the kind of fantasy you should read if you want something that subverts the standard ‘epic fantasy’ tropes. It crosses boundaries and gives you a wholly unique world and cast. The main character is called a Steerswoman. Her entire job and purpose is to learn and share that knowledge that she learns with everyone and then to record it. She’s an amazing character, and the book has you going ‘Is that… that’s not…. IT IS’ the whole time. I love these.


WhenWomen1) Catherine M Wilson
The When Women Were Warriors books may be pricey but I think they’re worth it. This is an author who also manages to subvert and reinvent the historical fantasy genre for me. She takes what would could be a bland and stiff story and gives it such heart. I’m dying to pick up the next book to find out what happens to Tamras. These are also homonormative books. Give me more of these!

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