Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Character Tropes

Character Tropes are delicate little creatures. They can be handled beautifully or they can turn out terribly done *coughlovetrianglescough*. Here are some of my favorites!


5) Bad Boy Redemption
This is probably the most delicate of all tropes but if it’s handled right I’m all over it. It’s really hard to tread the line between abusive asshole and bad boy. One of those will make me DNF a book and one will make me adore it. Dangerous territory!

4) Woman in Disguise
My first love of YA Fantasy was the world of Tortall by Tamora Pierce. And my first book role model was Alanna of Trebond. I love the Mulan-esque hiding if the true identity to train or save family/honor/etc.

3) The Straight Man
In every great comedy you have to have a straight man. The best example I can think of off the top of my head isn’t a book character but a movie one, Jason Bateman’s character from Horrible Bosses 2 (an ‘ehhhh’ movie but amazing straight man performance). This goes hand in hand with The Curmudgeon for me. I just love the bitter and/or unamused people.

2) The Boy Scout/The Paladin
Unfortunately this trope can turn into one of the worst evil tropes when handled terribly, The Nice Guy. The one entitled to something but denied it. The best Boy Scout character that I think fits this is Carter from the Georgina Kincade series (there I go again, any excuse to mention Carter in a post is a good excuse). These are the genuinely kind, caring guys. The ones that stand up for and protect others. Kaladin from the Stormlight Archives is another example of this but with a lot more depth.

1) Strong Man/Woman
I love the big, bulky, bear characters. They can be smart or dumb, fit other tropes like Elder or Foreigner, etc. I just always love them. Good example of this, also from the Stormlight Archive is Rock. These guys are often sidekicks or partners, I’d consider John Colby from Chew to fit this trope as well!

As always these are in no particular order, just as I think of them.
Top 5 Wednesday is created by GingerReadsLainey over on Youtube!

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