January 2020 Wrap-up Part 2

Part two of my wrap-up is here if January 2020!

So most of the books I read this month, like I mentioned in the Part One post got their own posts, but there were a few that slipped past that I just had a few notes on. Things that interested me but that I didn’t want to dedicate a whole post too. You can see the list of things I read and made upcoming posts for in that post, linked above, plus the things I read before these last few. Here are the remaining two books, with the one book I’ll be trying to make a full post on that isn’t listed on Part One.


  • I have a real soft spot for weird shit. So sometimes I pick up books about said weird shit – American Monsters: A History of Monster Lore, Legends, and Sightings in America by Linda S Godfrey is one of those picks. I read her newest book I Know What I Saw last year, right at the tail end of the year and really enjoyed it so I thought – why not try another. A lot of the stuff described I’d heard of but some of it I hadn’t. I wish I wasn’t so much of a critic, I really wish I could believe in a lot of this, but my logical brain shouts me down most the time. However, it’s fun to read about and if you are at all interested in the crytpozological or the freaky stuff people think they’ve seen or believe in you’ll probably enjoy this one.
  • In between a few of my thoughts books I got frustrated – I was DNFing quite a few things, so I decided to go for something I knew would be an easier read and I hoped would be a quick one. House of Salt and Sorrow by Erin A. Craig is a fantasy YA retelling of the 12 Dancing Princess story. It’s done in such a way though that it didn’t feel like a tired retelling and I actually got fairly hooked. There was also a dangerous cliff in the story – in any story set on the sea – of playing into the whole monster in the depths, cthulhu type of thing, and she avoided it beautifully. I’m going to be honest, it would have been a DNF if that had popped up. Instead she built a fairly original world and one I’d happily return to for more stories. It also had some super nice horror notes in there. Nothing too intense, but I loved the super creepy bits we did get.

I honestly expected to get at least one or two more in, but my time in the hospital was twice as long as I expected for my daughter’s birth and it took a few days for me to get back on my feet. Any thoughts on my January reads? Suggestions? Have a good one!

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