January Haul/Unhaul

As always my goal for my Physical TBR is to knock it way down. I’ve got 25+ years of books collected throughout my house and I’m still bringing stuff in on the regular. I’m certainly of no delusion that I’ll ever be near a 0 physical TBR but I want to have mainly things I’m excited about and things I would reread on my shelves. 

So for Hauls I shoot to have read everything I bring in ASAP on the physical side. For my digital TBR it’s not at all a big deal as those books take up only the space of my Kindle or cell phone. 

So how did I do for January?

Physical Books Hauled



Total Hauled and Read : 2

Total Hauled and still Unread: 1 New, but working on it! 11 Used (all entirely purchased with credit)




eBooks Hauled

Total Hauled and Read: 2, whomp whomp

Total Hauled and Unread: 6 – yikes



    Unhauled Books (not listed this month as I did a ‘I’m resetting a room so my husband and his buddy can put in BJJ mats’ purge)

    Total: 20 Unread, 20+ Read, so a lot

This all adds up to mean I’m reading MOSTLY library books at this point. I foresee this falling off and my reading on the Kindle and owned physical books list to go up. By the time this post goes up I’ll have had my daughter and I don’t know that I’ll have as much time to visit the library in the early few months. So February and March should be a lot more interesting!

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