Thoughts: Heroes of Havensong: Dragonboy by Megan Reyes

Source: NetGalley - Many thanks to the publisher!TL;DR: A fast paced fantasy with all the goodies - dragons, magic, and prophecies galore! Plot: Surprisingly intricate and fast paced due to short alternating chaptersCharacters: So accurate to their age frame that I honestly wanted to punch one of them... a lotSetting: Complicated - maybe too complicated... Continue Reading →

January Haul/Unhaul

As always my goal for my Physical TBR is to knock it way down. I’ve got 25+ years of books collected throughout my house and I’m still bringing stuff in on the regular. I’m certainly of no delusion that I’ll ever be near a 0 physical TBR but I want to have mainly things I’m... Continue Reading →

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