Best Books of 2018

  • Probably with no surprise The Sacred Throne books, The Armored Saint and The Queen of Crows by Myke Cole make the list. The first book also made my husband’s list as his favorite book of the year. I 100% recommend these if you like adult fantasy. Just be warned they can be graphic.
  • is going to make this list frequently, War Cry by Brian McClellan was a great military fantasy with shapeshifters that just talking about makes me want to read again.
  • The Murderbot Diaries series also makes the list as one of the few series I read this year as fast as I could, some of them back to back. I adored everything about these and cannot wait to reread them next year when I have my own physical copies.
  • A short story has made the list Tear Tracks by Malka Ann Older was so profound and hit me on a deep level after the events of the year. I loved this and immediately reread it when I finished it.
  • Semiosis by Sue Burke, our first full length novel on the list, was a fantastic Science Fiction, generational tale that really surprised me. I expected grimdark and betrayal but this was a far more hopeful than I anticipated and I loved that.
  • The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins graphic novel had me rolling and it’s a wonderful adaptation of a D&D game that I think even people who don’t play would enjoy. It really captures the fun you can have at a table.
  • Achtung Baby by Sara Zaske I found absolutely fascinating. I do have some bad memories associated with as I finished the day before we lost our twins, but the information and the reading experience sticks with me still through those bad memories. If you’re interested in cultural books or parenting books I recommend this one.
  • I couldn’t make this list without at least one romance as it’s been a huge chunk of my reading lately. The Wildes of Lindow Castle Series by Eloisa James, especially the first book Wilde in Love was hilarious and so unique. It’ll stand out for a while.

That’s it, what did everyone else enjoy this year? Thanks for reading and have a good one.

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