Weekly Wrap-up 7.25.2017

So a slow week, this week. I only really have three books to talk about and one DNF. Most of what I read I did through the #24in48 which was a lot of fun – though I failed at any semblance of challenges or vlogging. Now I’m working through Booktubeathon so I’ll avoid talking about anything I finished starting yesterday. On to what I read last week! Continue reading


BiWeekly Wrap-up – July 18th 2017

I’m going to try and be brief about these books. I didn’t do a wrap-up last week as things were hectic and I was being an adult and driving in and out of town. To be honest some of the books I read last week are a bit fuzzy, so those for sure will be short. Two of them as well are review books that you should see full length reviews on shortly! As always there is a video, link to the channel is on the sidebar, if you’d rather listen to me stumble around than read it. Continue reading

Birthday Book Haul Part 1 : Non-Fiction

So I’ve not been pulling in a lot of books lately, at least all at once or in large amounts that warrant an overall haul. However it was my birthday last weekend so all I asked for books! And boy did my family (mainly my husband) deliver! This is the first part, the non-fiction books. As usual a video will be up on Youtube if you want to listen as opposed to read.  Continue reading