There has been silence from me, I’ve  been prepping for Yall Fest and I’m doing NaNoWriMo!
We just finished the Yall Crawl and am now eating dinner So far I’ve gotten four author signings, all super amazing and sweet and met some of my favorite booktubers This is a huge deal, I’m so introverted it took me a week to work myself up for it. My husband said he was impressed I even stopped to say hi.
Go me!

(Omg looking at that picture still makes me happy) First day wrap-up! It was amazing. I’ve finished my NaNoWriMo word count and I’m getting ready to watch some Netflix with the Hubby and roomie before heading to bed before our early morning tomorrow.
We got down early and got our roomie in line for Brandon Sanderson (all my books are signed by him already) then ran and bought her hard copy of one of his books from BBB, ran back to her and then started the line for Soman Chainani. He was super nice! I thin hopped over into Brandon Mull’s line, who was SO nice. I was so surprised and happy with how sweet everyone was! They took the time to talk to us and made me feel valued. Best authors are best.
Another friend showed up and after purchasing too much swag we got to E. Lockhart and Rae Carson’s lines – both of who were amazing. After that we watched our roomie get shy and adorable while talking to Brandon Sanderson. Then I did the terrifying but ultimately best part of the night and talked to Sam, Lainey, and Kristin.

I’m geared up for tomorrow, let me tell you guys! I’ve got panels lined up like crazy and can’t wait. I’ll follow up with another update when we stop – maybe! – for lunch!




Day two has been absolutely crazy. We’ve hit and missed some of our planned points but it’s been a blast across the board. Right now we’re waiting on the Libba Bray so I thought I’d throw an update up.
We got into town early and had nothing better to do than line up for the Opening Keynote. My hubby and roomie waited in line while I grabbed a bag and free cider from Novl. We. I got back they had gotten me a Richelle Mead wrist band.


After the amazing Keynote we ran down (got some arcs and swag on the way) and got in line for Richelle. We were the last few and I wound up in the very last 10 to sign, worth it!
After that we darted into the StoryBall, barely! That was fun and the story completely crazy. We’ve hit a Walgreens and now we’re chilling.
Next up, is of course Libba then if we can Nicola Yoon or the Booktube Meetup. Then just giveaways and down time till closing keynote.
It’s been a wild time, here’s to hoping it keeps up!


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