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February Haul!

Look! A haul! I haven't done one of these... ever? Maybe in a hella long time? I can't really remember. The reason for this is because I have problems keeping track of what I read. I have a killer used bookstore that I trade stuff in at and then get more stuff, then sometimes before… Continue reading February Haul!

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Series Complete : The Generation V Novels or alternate title ‘PLEASE READ THIS SERIES!’

The Generation V Novels by M. L. Brennan Overall Rating : 4.25 stars ¬† ¬†Have you ever felt completely robbed of something in media? Be it a ship that never sailed, or a backstory never completed, a death that was completely meaningless? This my friends is what I feel like having finished Dark Ascension and… Continue reading Series Complete : The Generation V Novels or alternate title ‘PLEASE READ THIS SERIES!’

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Graphic Novel Series in Progress : Lazarus

Lazarus is a series by Greg Rucka, Michael Lark, and Santiago Arcas about a woman named Forever Carlyle. Forever is her Family's Lazarus. This means that she is their one woman army. The dystopian setting of this series has three castes of people. Those within a 'Family', the 'Serf' or those that work for the… Continue reading Graphic Novel Series in Progress : Lazarus

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Tor Novella Lineup 2015-2016

This year became an imprint of it's mother company dedicated to publishing short fiction of debut and well known authors. Their first lineup is, in my opinion so far impressive. I've picked up the Witches of Lychford, technically the 2nd in the series of novellas and loved it. I gave it a 5/5 on… Continue reading Tor Novella Lineup 2015-2016