Thoughts: The Essential Peter S. Beagle: Volume 1, Lila and the Werewolf and Other Stories

Source: NetGalley – Thank You Very Much to the publisher!
Tl;DR: A Cozy, warm, and overall fantastic collection of short stories – highly recommended for anyone interested

Plot: As a collection of short stories there wasn’t a concrete through plot but each story with a solid plot was clear and well executed.
Characters: Most of these characters were very distinct though after reading the whole collection you could definitely recognize Mr. Beagle’s default character setting, haha
Setting: Varied but for the part set in a version of or our world.
Magic: A balance of mundane magic and more fantastical magic that worked well in almost every case.


 Peter S Beagle is a very common and well known name in Fantasy and I’m going to be honest – I’ve barely read him. I have read, once The Last Unicorn, but nothing else and after reading this collection I’m ashamed. This first volume of this collection covers a wide spread of themes and interesting styles of stories, and I definitely recommend it for fans of Fantasy or short stories. 
   Mr. Beagle’s range in this collection was probably the most impressive part for me. The stories ranged from short fantastical stories, to mundane magic in the everyday, to urban fantasy with a darker edge. Throughout the collection all of these had a cozy and very classic feel to them. Fans of cozy fantasy would be right at home here. 
    The themes were all treated with respect within each story as well. Grief, loss, loneliness, aging, family, and respect for just life itself were covered. I cannot believe how well these all worked. Overall there was only one story that didn’t captivate me and had me emoting, and reading excerpts to my patient partner. 
    This was an amazing collection, and I cannot recommend it enough for existing fans of Mr. Beagle or fans of fantasy shorts or cozy fantasy. 
    4 out of 5 Dive Bombing Ghosts 


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