Thoughts : Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse

Black Sun (Between Earth and Sky #1) by Rebecca Roanhorse

A god will return
When the earth and sky converge
Under the black sun

Source: Saga Press, Thank you so much for the Review Copy!
TL;DR: Incredibly rich world and character cast that sinks it’s talons into you and will not let go.


Black Sun is the first epic fantasy foray of Rebecca Roanhorse after dominating in Urban Fantasy and even releasing a Middle Grade Fantasy through the Rick Riordan line. I have not tried her Urban Fantasy series (though I’ve heard no end of praise) but enjoyed her middle grade enough that this was on my radar. I strongly recommend you put it on yours.
This follows a slew of characters, though only two are named in the synopsis available online. Xiala and Serapio are tied closely, their portion of the story a sea voyage to an inevitable meeting. Yet a great deal of the book is focused not only on them but on a rich and varied cast in the city to which they travel. For me, besides Serapio, this was the best part of the story. The sea voyage itself could be confining, and at times it’s almost lackluster. But the intermingled chapters set in Tova, their destination, give the world real flesh and blood.
This city is where you see the strength of Rebecca Roanhorse’s creative muscles. She’s done reading, research, and then gone into the wonderful world that is her writer’s brain and brought us a fantasy world whole unique and broken and beautiful. I cannot stress enough how much I loved the world, but in addition to that I loved our characters.
The writing is simple, direct, and consumable but you’re not lacking for growth or interest in the cast. I loved even the nastier characters though for me Serapio took my heart. I cannot wait to return, the ending of this coming at me like freight train. I read the last line and let loose a breath like I’d been punched.
I can’t recommend this enough, and it’s definitely making my top books of the year – if it isn’t the top book of the year for me. Read this, it’s fantastic and I genuinely think there is something for everyone here.

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