June Wrap-Up

I don’t know if there was anything I read that I’d like to dedicate a full Thoughts post to as most of it was older, or I am not sure I’m the one to review or give thoughts on. So to just go over what I did read, read on below.

  • I got to the third Lady Trent book with The Voyage of the Basilisk. This was fun but there didn’t feel like there was a lot of substance here. I sincerely have very little to say about this. In fact this was so low key and dull to me that I am not sure if I want to read the final book in this series. I’m still on the fence here as I have much more I’m far more interested in.
  • I finished my audio book The Map that Changed the World by Simon Winchester early in the month and this was, yet again, a very dull one. I found parts of this were interesting, there were factoids here and there I liked, but on the whole it was a bit of a drag.
  • The best prose book I read in the month was Queen’s Peril by E.K. Johnston. I still do not think I’ll do a Thoughts post on this, but I do recommend this if you enjoy Star Wars books. This continues (just like Queen’s Shadow) to give a lot more life and substance to Amidala and her handmaidens that are so underrepresented in the actual films.
  • I also tried my first poetry collection with Autopsy by Donte Collins. It was impactful and beautiful and I 100% recommend this.
  • At the same time as I was reading Autopsy I picked up Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice. This was deeply atmospheric and bewitching. The slow build of tension and the creeping ominous feeling just made this amazing.
  • I, of course, read the new Giant Days volume. I can’t say much since it is the 13th volume. But I loved it as I have the others and I’m so sad the end is so close.
  • I picked up two, two star reads unfortunately. Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line by Deepa Anappara and Woolly by Ben Mezrich. So I don’t have much to say about Djinn Patrol. I think the author got lost in her own story. The middle chunk just felt like the same pattern, over and over and the ending was so telegraphed that I just wanted to get there and get it done. Woolly was a similar mess. This one just felt like the author was too excited about making this non-fiction read like adventure fiction and I hated that there was actual fiction mixed in. It did not work for me at all.
  • The final book I’ll mention is The Undefeated by Una McCormack. This was a short and punchy story about a woman returning to her home planet on the eve of a subjected people’s invasion/uprising. I enjoyed this one, mostly for the reflection of the main protagonist on the world and her realizations about the people who make up that invasion force. I’d love to read more about this world and setup.

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