December 2019 Haul

  So December was Holiday Time! Which meant lots of gifts and lots of eBook sales (the only way I buy eBooks). Leading into December I had put myself on an ebook buying ban because they’re truly my kryptonite. Once I lifted that I went a little mad. However past that my physical book acquisition was pretty much just books bought for me as gifts with only a few items picked up at the used book store, so at least my Physical TBR growth was not my fault!

   Watch me make excuses for my worst month of the year for a haul – whomp whomp. 

   I’m back on some very strict buying rules, with my husband having veto rights as well (which he usually uses to let me buy things because he spoils me) so this will probably be the biggest Haul I have for a while that’s not Library related. I have to watch the budget with the baby due in January!

** – Indicates gifts

Physical Books

Physical 1 marked.jpg

Physical 2.jpg




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