Thoughts: The Mimicking of Known Success by Malka Older

Source: Netgalley, thank you very much Tor!TL;DR: A unique and very refreshing take on the Holmesian mystery genre, on Jupiter! Plot: An intriguing mystery of a missing man, that is compounded with a side of murder and thievery!Setting: Set on elaborate rings around Jupiter it was hard to picture in the larger scale, but the... Continue Reading →

Thoughts: The Best of our Past, The Worst of Our Future by Christi Nogle

Source: NetGalley - Thank you to the publisher!TL;DR: A fantastically strong collection, there were of course misses but mostly wins! Plot: Nearly every story had a good clear plot, some of the more experimental ones were harder to find but on the whole these were great.Characters: The characters were in general not the focus but... Continue Reading →

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