Thoughts: The Spear Cuts Through Water by Simon Jimenez

Source : NetGalley, many thanks to the publisher!TL;DR : Read this, it is simply incredible Thoughts: It’s honestly best - in my opinion - to take this book with the most basic of description and dive in. In fact, I’m going to try and keep my review as spoiler free as I can because I... Continue Reading →

Thoughts: The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy by Megan Bannen

Source: NetGalley! Many thanks to the publisher! TL;DR: A fun Romance with a fantastical setting and western vibes. I would not go into this for the fantasy though, go for the romance and you'll be great! Thoughts: Fantasy meets Western meets Romance. That’s the best three words I can use for this book. The Undertaking... Continue Reading →

Thoughts: Eversion by Alastair Reynolds

Source: NetGalley, many many thanks to the publisher!TL;DR: I loved it. It's a space adventure in the truest sense, with lots of questions and a fantastic twist. Thoughts: Eversion by Alastair Reynolds is the story of a doctor tasked with keeping his crew alive on an exploratory mission. Be it in the1800s aboard a ship,... Continue Reading →


We're going to pretend that November didn't happen. Most of October too. Tendonitis in my dominate hand was a reality (which left me nearly incapable of reading anything or typing for that matter), while everything else in the world felt like it was a rollercoaster. Instead we're moving forward into the new year with reviews... Continue Reading →

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