Library TBR (of shame)

    I’ll freely admit I have a problem with the library. I love it may be a bit too much, and it enables me to get my grubby little hands on books that I would otherwise have to buy. Who doesn’t love a library? Though mine is definitely lacking on the Fantasy/Sci-fi front they do a great job of stocking non-fiction (which I’m terrified of buying for myself) and almost everything else. So that means I’m almost constantly at max for my checkout limit (bad Sarah). So I thought today I’d look at the books I have checked out of the library! Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up 5.31.17

    Reading the past week has dropped off, either due to spending time with my husband who has been home all week as opposed to out at the gym or just things broken and having to fix them. I do believe I have only two things to actually touch base on as the fourth will be part of a series wrap-up so let’s get straight in. As always if you’d rather listen I have a video up online. Continue reading

Weekly WrapUp 5.15.17

What a week. Did anyone else have a week of Mondays? Or was that just us? Work was a beast and honestly with the stuff breaking at my house there was little time to doanything but monitor what should be a self monitoring machine to make sure it worked.


I did get a few things read, not nearly enough (so that #BookBuddyAThon didn’t seem to happen, sorry Scott ;_;) but here is what I did read, and as always a video is available on the channel to listen to as opposed to read if you’d like!

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Excellent Deal Alert!

This is a deal too great not to tell you guys about. My husband turned me onto it and I wanted to share. Humble Bundle has an amazing Humble Book Bundle : Super Nebula Author Showcase going on right now.


I got my own bundle last night and yes, yes, so good. The selling points for me were:

  • The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells, a book I’ve been eyeballing for years but never drops from it’s 9.99 kindle tag I feel like.
  • Conservation of Shadows by Yoon Ha Lee which is Yoon Ha Lee so of course I want it. I’ve just also been waiting for a great Kindle deal on this one and haven’t caught it.
  • The Salt Roads by Nalo Hopkinson. I loved Midnight Robber so Hopkinson has been on my watch list.
  • Kabu-Kabu by Nnedi Okorafor. Do I need to say more? I’ve never hid my love for her work.
  • Finally At the Mouth of the River of Bees by Kij Johnson which I have heard amazing things about. It’s supposed to be a great magical realism story and I need more of that in my life.

There is also a lot of great classic stuff in there like Samuel R. Delaney, Frank Herbert, Robert Zelazny, and Connie Willis.

Again, nothing sponsored here I am just super excited about this bundle. There is a lot of great stuff in it and you can set it so that a huge chunk of your money goes to charity. Win/Win!

BooktubeSFF Babbles / TFW : Top 5 Cover Art

Late as usual! I’m here to show you guys my Top 5 Cover Art choices for the Top 5 Wednesday and BooktubeSFF Babbles cross over post. There is a video on the Youtube channel of course, but all images and sites are available here as well! Same as any other time I do a Top 5 these are in no particular order. You’re also just getting 5 I love. I’m not a fan of picking and ordering things I love. Once something reaches that point I don’t start playing the nit-picky game – so these are just 5 awesome ones I could look at over and over.
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