Weekly WrapUp 3.25.17

It was a good week! I am getting back on course instead the slumpy feeling I’ve been dealing with the past three or four weeks. I got a few things read, and it’s already looking like (as of Monday) that this next wrapup will put me in closer to on track! But on to what I’ve read last week and general thoughts! There is also a video on the Youtube channel – link to the channel is on the sidebar!
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The Hat Trick : Sherlock Reads

        I’ve been super behind on everything, so here is me playing catch up! If you pay attention to the YouTube channel you have seen these reviews. If you don’t then here you go! I’m going to try to keep my blog up with the videos that go up over there. The exception might be hauls or so, those aren’t as easy to write out. Anyway, this is a (up until now) an unofficial series of videos I’d been doing, which I plan on making official, and calling The Hat Trick. My husband tells me ‘The Hat Trick’ is a term from hockey but can be used to mean a series of three things. These will be three interconnected reviews. They’ll be in the same topic, writer, publishing type, etc. The currently in the progress one is Japanese culture, but this one is my recent Sherlock reads! You can watch/listen to me here or just keep reading! Continue reading

Booktube Newbie Tag!

So I guess this could be my announcement post, but I’m pretty sure y’all have already noticed – but I’m doing Booktube now! I’ve been working on getting my feet under me balancing real life, blog, and channel. I’m getting there. But I posted my newbie tag this past weekend! It was really fun. Really the whole thing is, and everyone is so nice and welcoming.  Continue reading

Bi-Weekly Wrapup

My reading has slowed down these past few weeks. Around the first of the month I was able to finally get my wrist looked at by a specialist and got it fixed. I have since been building up strength in it, getting back to some of my old habits like playing games and working out again. It’s a slow process, and I’m doing those things slowly to acclimate to it. I pretty much had no mobility in my thumb and wrist for 7 or 8 months so it has no strength. So steady and slow I go, but I sacrifice some reading in the meantime.

It’s all for the good however – so here are the first two weeks of February. If any of this has its own review coming up I’ll just touch on it or point you to said review if available. Video also available here with captions!

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