Thoughts: The Sprite and The Gardener by Rii Abrego & Joe Whitt

Source: Netgalley & the publisher! Thank you so much!
TL;DR: I read this in hardback on my own time and loved it so much when it came up for review for the paperback release I jumped on it. It’s stunning and sweet and I adore it.

Plot: A very simple story of a sprite rediscovering a passion and purpose and meeting a young person to help along the way.
Characters: The artwork makes each character feel vibrant and unique. No one looks or seems to act the same.
Setting: Set mostly among the flowers of a garden this is stunning and very simple.
Magic: A very simple system that revolves around growing plants and flowers.


The Sprite and the Gardener is a beautiful and simple story about a young sprite who is discovering her passion and magic for gardening. Once, some time ago Sprites worked in gardens to help nurture and grow the plants. Since that time however, humans have discovered various different types of flower foods, like fertilizers that have taken the place of the Sprites. Now these little folk spend their days talking and flitting around.

Wisteria has moved to a new place, and not yet comfortable with her new friends begins to work in a small garden she discovers struggling. While doing so she discovers her own magic, and meets a human friend – helping them on their journey as well. This story is so, so incredibly sweet and light but has a core of great message. Finding your own passions, your own magic, and finding new friends and family. It’s a testament to the outdoors as well, a clear love of flowers and gardening on each page.

All of that is supported by the absolutely stunning artwork. The amount of detail per frame is jaw-droppingly beautiful. I adore the attention to detail each and every sprite has. Every hairstyle and outfit is unique and the washes of color draw attention to the linework and detail instead of distracting and making it busy. Like the story, the color and line work is both simple and complex.

Overall I think this is a graphic novel that I’d recommend to fans of any age. I think Cozy fantasy or graphic novel fans especially will love this. It’s beautiful and short, but one you can revisit and enjoy each time thanks to the wonderful artwork.

5 Intricate Wisteria Blooms out of 5


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