Updated Library TBR – August 2017

Yeah, yeah. I know. I said I was going to ease up on the Library but I'm evidently a dirty liar and love books too much. SO. Here is my updated Library TBR for you fine folks! As always with this just because I check them out doesn't mean I HAVE to read them. If... Continue Reading →

Birthday Book Haul Part 1 : Non-Fiction

So I've not been pulling in a lot of books lately, at least all at once or in large amounts that warrant an overall haul. However it was my birthday last weekend so all I asked for books! And boy did my family (mainly my husband) deliver! This is the first part, the non-fiction books.... Continue Reading →

February Haul!

Look! A haul! I haven't done one of these... ever? Maybe in a hella long time? I can't really remember. The reason for this is because I have problems keeping track of what I read. I have a killer used bookstore that I trade stuff in at and then get more stuff, then sometimes before... Continue Reading →

Yall Fest : A Wrap-up and Haul

YALLFest 2015 was amazing, just as good if not better than last year. It was smaller last year, with fewer panels, and fewer authors I knew then. This year it was full to brim of authors I knew, authors I had just discovered, and panels I wanted to get to. Naturally you can never get... Continue Reading →

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