Thoughts: Moan: Anonymous Essays on Female Orgasm

So. This is a topic of which I can safely say I've not read any non-fiction about. I've read plenty of romance with plenty of moans, plenty of orgasms but nothing within the non-fiction realm that really looks at people's experiences or opinions. I figured there is a first time for everything though right?! Moan:... Continue Reading →

Thoughts: Hungry Hearts

Short stories have been perfect for my brain lately, just the punchy nature of a good short story really helps me read and relax. I've also been able to enjoy YA a bit more with my inability to focus super closely on things - so I found a YA Short Story collection to try! Based... Continue Reading →


Bloom by Kevin Pancetta and Savanna Ganucheau     Bloom is a graphic novel, telling the story of Ari who is coming of age in a seaside town. He works in a family bakery but wants to move out to pursue a career in music so he decides to hire someone to replace him. Enter Hector, a... Continue Reading →

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