Review Policies and Contact Information

    Review Policies:

       Thank you for checking out the blog! I’m Sarah! I am employed full time at a day job, and do reviews out of sheer love for the publishing/book industry. At this time nothing I do is sponsored in anyway so all thoughts and opinions are my own.

        I heard it said once that it’s better to spend time talking about books we enjoy than to pick apart books we don’t. All books I consider Three Stars and up will receive FULL reviews with their own designated post. However, if  I simply do not enjoy a book I will place a short review in my ongoing Mini Reviews series. If I find a book problematic, or offensive however I will most definitely point this out in a full length review with an advisory of Do Not Read (this has yet to happen, Thank the Book Gods). I also retain the right to DNF if a book is beyond my ability to finish. Please be aware of this when providing books for review.

        As of this time I do accept review requests. For these requests please message :

      Physical copies of books are preferred as I have reoccurring and light sensitive migraines. Please email me for information on mailing address.

       Reviews are posted in several places. Amazon, Goodreads, Litsy, Tumblr, Twitter, the blog itself, and coming soon – Youtube!

     Most of these locations should be available on the sidebar, but I will link below as well with additional social media where books will make an appearance.

Thank you so much for checking my work out!



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