Weekly WrapUp 4.8.17

I skipped last week’s wrapup on the blog, my apologizes, it has just been in go mode here at Echo Base this week. The little time I’d had for reading and reviewing I put into Winter Tide and then the Babbles video. The last few days I had a little more time so I’m picking back up.  As usual there is a video to accompany this post up on the Youtube channel, link in the sidebar!

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Booktube SFF Babbles – Top 5 Want to Read SFF

I’m going to start this bad boy off by mentioning two books I think will be on a lot of people’s lists and that I also am super excited about.  The rest of my list is going to be books I’ve pre-ordered and I feel like maybe need to more attention than they’re getting? I made my list thinking this was Upcoming but I’m sticking to it because they’re still ‘Want to Reads’. I hate to repeat the same books as everyone else so I’m going to show some of the lesser talked about books (that I’ve seen) that I’m excited about! There will also be a video on the Youtube channel if you’d like to listen as opposed to read! Link in the sidebar.

Check out the Booktube SFF Awards community!

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