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Bout of Books : Day two!

I finished two books on day two, woohoo! My original picture/post was to Litsy (which if you haven't looked up you totally should, and if you have you can find me under Sarrie). For day two's challenge we need to talk about our 2017 Goals. Oh boy! I did a whole series of posts for… Continue reading Bout of Books : Day two!

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Thoughts on Numenera: The Poison Eaters by Shanna Germain

The Poison Eaters by Shanna Germain Highly Recommended! Published by Angry Robot Publication Date : January 17th, 2016 Available as eBook – 199 Pages Source : NetGalley (thank you!) Poison never lies.   Talia was once one of the twelve martyrs of the forgotten compass, a prisoner of the unhuman creatures known only as the vordcha. She… Continue reading Thoughts on Numenera: The Poison Eaters by Shanna Germain

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Favorite 2016 Reads!

      It's incredibly hard, at least for me, to list favorite reads of anything. I don't tend to get hung up particular reads, but there are some stand out peices from this year that either somehow managed to tickle the fangirl in me or managed to stick with me. Especially in the later… Continue reading Favorite 2016 Reads!