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Waiting on Wednesday 3/23/2016

BummBummm Bububuuumm bummm bububuuum bum bumbumbumbuuuuummm I like Star Wars alright? Back off! But in all seriousness, Claudia Gray wrote Lost Stars which was one of my favorite books I've read recently. I cannot wait for this one. I'm hoping for some information on our heroes from Lost Stars but also a crap ton more… Continue reading Waiting on Wednesday 3/23/2016

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Top 5 Wednesday : Books You DNF

I DNF a lot of things. There is only so much time in the day and I can't read everything over the course of my life that I want to, so I decided I just don't have to read something that I'm not enjoying. Most times I give books a 100 page rule, and if… Continue reading Top 5 Wednesday : Books You DNF